Goin’ to the Rodeo

Today was pretty awesome. We were invited to our first special needs event (other than the daily event that is our life). The Rodeo! Diva got a chance to miss school, even though she really wanted to go to school and be picked up when it was time to go to the rodeo, however, Mom wanted to sleep in. So did Dad.


Diva’s first time on a horse – you wouldn’t be able to tell though – she’s already practicing her wave for the Grand Entry.


Superman didn’t get to ride the horse because he isn’t sitting yet, but he did find him a cowgirl to fall in love with him. Can’t beat that!


Diva got to hang with the mascots from the local high school – I can’t wait to show her these pictures when she goes to school there herself!


Superman didn’t get to do much since it was 50 degrees out, but he did enjoy soaking up some sun – so much so that Dad couldn’t get him to eat his breakfast! Isn’t that the life.


The kids all got in a circle and did the hokey pokey – Diva got a chance to show off her sass, and man does she have alot of it!


At the end of the day, everyone had a great time supporting our special needs community with some great organizations – and at 50 degrees bringing some hot chocolate and coffee didn’t hurt either!


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