A Gulping Success!

So today was a pretty lax day in our world. Diva has to be at school at 7 am and then we usually have back to back therapy sessions at 8:30 am and 9:15 am. Today, however, was a monthly meeting day for our therapists so Superman got a reprieve from back to back therapies (which don’t actually bother him). Today we had Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech Therapy (SLP) which for us is feeding therapy at this point. We should be adding language therapy here soon, but for that we are all having to stay tuned.

Anyways, the day started hectic because I woke up late, then got Diva to school at 8:15 am… so very late. Got home just in time for Occupational Therapy.

What we learned today?

Kinesio tape – 1 /OT – 0 (even with adhesive spray!) … I think we need a new plan. Although its awesome to watch us try! Superman has gotten active enough with his hands that taping his thumbs is becoming more and more difficult to get the tape to stay on. Apparently Superman’s thumbs are kryptonite to kinesio tape?  Stay tuned for a post all about taping!

I thought I was going to have to reschedule our Speech therapy for another day because she is so awesome, that also means she’s very busy. But imagine my surprise when I got a call this afternoon and she had an opening! I took it. If you have every tried to reschedule a doctor’s appointment, take that times 100 on how hard it is sometimes to reschedule a therapy appointment. And it’s not their fault. The great ones are super busy … because they are great!

Superman had just eaten an hour before so I was excited that we could finally have the time to try the sippy cups! So exciting! These were our options:


Dr Brown’s soft tip (yes, its pink)

Playtex sipper


Filled with straight apple juice for enticement.

We have loved the Dr. Brown’s bottles (they are A-MAZING for reflux) so I thought for certain he should take right to the Dr. Brown’s sippy cup. Dr. B – that’s my choice!

After carefully checking each cup and examining them, Ms. D picked the NUK cup to try first thinking it would be the best fit.



And later we tried the Dr. Browns. The spout isn’t long enough to elicit a suck response out of him and he cried a little. Or maybe he realized it was pink. Who knows, but my first choice was NOT the winner.

And the Playtex sipper is going back in the cabinet to wait its turn, because we have a clear winner guys~ THE NUK! (Convinced more than ever that Ms. D. really knows her stuff – and that’s why we love her!)

He drank a whole ounce without a spilling a single drop out of the corner of his mouth! For the boy who was never supposed to be able to drink anything by mouth, we are moving toward sippy cups!

Today is an amazing success and I am so proud of my Superman!


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