March for Babies 2013 – Second Annual March of Dimes Walk

This year was the first year we struck out and made our own team – it was eye-opening and somewhat difficult to say the least! I have come to the conclusion that I had no idea what I was getting myself into but it was a great walk and that’s all that matters! While we came nowhere near the goals I set both personally and for the team, we raised money to help save some babies and that’s what matters!

Personal goal: $1000 – Raised: $365 

Team goal: $5000 – Raised: $690

Team Super_Man was sponsored this year by:

Kinderdance of Alamo City and Life Point Church San Antonio, TX

All in all it was still a success! Our team had a great turn out – we ended up splitting up but we came back together in the end and had a snack back in the parking lot! And I forgot my camera – so all pictures are from my cellphone – which not the best quality.

We had 5 kiddos, three of them preemies all from the same hospital and one sibling (Diva) and one friend. And many, many grownups!

Superman woke up for the National Anthem – that’s my boy!



We were joined by old friends – we had another “old” friend there but somehow I failed miserably to get a picture of her!



And new friends

IMAG0110 IMAG0111

It was a beautiful morning to walk for babies!



We ended up finding our sign along Mission Mile and stopped to take some pictures.

IMAG0114 IMAG0115 IMAG0116 IMAG0118


After 2 miles of walking, a lot of falls, bumps and scrapes and lots of band-aids (note to anyone that takes children – TAKE BAND-AIDS), we found the dolphins in the backstage area playing so we stopped with the kiddos and let them watch.



And tired, hungry and feeling accomplished we headed back to the finish line for snacks. I don’t think a muffin has ever tasted so good! Plus Superman needed his breakfast and his meds so he was quite happy about that too!

Superman was awake for most of the walk, and he woke up willingly this morning which is a feat in itself – so he must have known that today was his day.

We walk for babies. We walk for research. We walk for Moms. We walk because we have sat in that NICU and watched the lifesaving research funded by March of Dimes turn into real things that saved our son’s life.

You can always find our March for Babies profile here. And if you are looking for ways to volunteer, find information or resources you can always find a local chapter for your March of Dimes and call them.

Now, to go soak my feet! Ouch!



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