Happy Mother’s Day

Last year I spent the day of my Mother’s Day at home with my daughter and the night I tried to stay in the NICU with my son – I thought I could try to feed him for the first time – having the collective power of all moms everywhere behind me. I put the bottle in his mouth and he turned blue. Then his temperature dropped and I had to put him back in the isolette. The nurses did give me this beautiful card. It was all I could do to run out of the NICU before I completely lost it.


I came home and made the most beautiful dutch babies filled with fruit. I bake when I am sad.


This year was much better. I spent it at home with all of my babies. No hospital trips, just very hectic shopping trips! 

I hope you all had a very blessed Mother’s Day. And just think – if it was really awful, next year it will be better. 

And hugs to all of the moms celebrating their Mother’s Day in the NICU. 


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