My TinySuperhero

I read. I read a lot. I read a lot of blogs. Blogs about special needs, therapy, parenting, grammar (nerdy, I know) and whatever I find on Pinterest. But in my readings, I came across a news story about a woman, a rather extraordinary woman – who didn’t start out wanting to be extraordinary. Like most great things and people in life, it just happened.

The story as I know it starts with a woman named Robyn. She had a sewing machine. She decided to make superhero capes to give to some of her family members, and eventually she ended up making one for a little girl named Brenna. Brenna felt like a true superhero while wearing it, and Robyn found a calling to make capes for many kids around the country. These aren’t just regular kids, these are true superheroes that are just missing their capes. Well NO MORE!

TinySuperheroes was born. 

(read the whole story at the link above – I super paraphrased, plus Robyn tells it WAY better)

Ok, sappy but true, I read the news story and I cried. And then I cried some more. I have a Superman, and I had been waiting and trying to find the time to make him a cape of his very own. And to think, there was a perfect stranger out there, that has perfectly healthy children of her own, taking her free time to make capes so that my child will feel good, will feel super. I cried some more. I never realized the true generosity of people until I met my Superman, and he showed me a world of ‘endless wonder’ (yes, I borrowed that from Syfy’s Warehouse 13 – again nerd alert).

So I got on Facebook, and with a simple search I found TinySuperheroes. And I left a message (it was 2 am so I really didn’t expect ANY response, and especially nothing more than a thank you.) I explained how wonderful what they are doing is, and how it touched my heart. And within minutes a reply came flying back offering to make that cape I had on my to-do list. The to-do list that often gets pushed aside by appointments and life. Yes, I cried. Even more. Thankfully my family was asleep because I laughed and I cried. But mostly, I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to surprise them!

Then our cape arrived. One of our therapists was here when the mail came and the response was overwhelming. We still couldn’t believe that there was someone out there that would just do this, for perfect strangers. I am still baffled and when I look at it I still get misty-eyed.

We have taken our cape everywhere – it made its debut at his first March of Dimes March for Babies and most days it goes everywhere we do on the back of his wheelchair. It is almost always with him. It is something that we will always treasure.

IMAG0175_wm IMAG0205_wm IMAG0207_wm IMAG0209_wm

Find out more about TinySuperheroes through:



Find out how you can help, donate, and even nominate someone you think is a TinySuperhero!

(and in case you were wondering, yes I got misty-eyed while I wrote this, and again when I proofed it..shh! Don’t tell)


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