Occupational Therapy: Sensory Part 1 – Oobleck

Oobleck? Yeah.. it has a little to do with Dr. Seuss. That explains a lot right? Only the name though! Because it defies the laws of physics, kinda like my Superman is going to!

Well Ms. P showed up this morning, and man did I have a surprise for her! I had been whipping up all sorts of goodies for her to try out! First we did the Oobleck – or as I like to call it – goobaly goop.

20130710_080122Its weird. Its a goo, but its a solid, but its grainy feeling, but it melts into liquid. It truly defies physics! I told you!

So either way it took a few minutes to make, literally I dropped spaghetti (project #2) and it beat the spaghetti with TONS of time to spare.

I used:

3/4 cup cornstarch (corn flour if you aren’t in the US)

I started with 1 cup water, added green food coloring to it.

pour water over the cornstarch and mix until you feel the consistency become solid but movable. You will want to be able to make a ball out of it, but when you release your hand it melts away.

Gobbaly Goop done.

On to the fun part! The play! He really didn’t like it very much, but Diva and Ms P thought it was the coolest thing. Not a bad way to start the day.

Round 1:


 Ms. P was excited to get started!


That is NOT the face of someone who enjoys feeling that!


Drip, Drip all over! Boys can’t play without making messes.


 He was not very willing to put his hands back in there repeatedly. It feels… well.. weird.


Diva got to take turns playing with the goop during therapy.


 We managed to make a HUGE mess of the kid. But it was well worth it!


We started switching off activities since he was getting frustrated with the Oobleck. He really wasn’t a fan of how it felt, but that’s ok because his brain went into overdrive trying NOT to touch it and that is worth it!

After some play with project #2 (coming tomorrow) we decided to return to the Oobleck (and Ms P couldn’t get over how absolutely awesome this stuff was).

Round 2:

Occupational Therapy Sensory Play Oobleck

(click the link above if the video below isn’t working)

 After all the fun, Superman took a few minutes break then had physical therapy, so I gave the bowl to Diva and sent her to the dining room table to have a ball… or melty ball… however you want to look at it!


It take about 1 minute to make and 5 minutes to clean up (Do NOT dump down sink! I spatula put it in a ziplock and then trashed it) Warm water cleans up the mess off kids, surfaces and clothes. And its HOURS of fun and entertainment for the kids!



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