Occupational Therapy: Sensory Part 2 – Painted Spaghetti

So switching on and off with Project #1 we explored a little art and culture. Okay, well art at least.  Mom took to Pinterest – as usual –  and found a great idea I had been meaning to try.

Painted Spaghetti – easiest craft ever and totally age friendly – ALL age friendly!

Boil spaghetti – we used some whole wheat pasta I got for free with a coupon that had been sitting in the pantry. Whole wheat pasta holds up really well – its more dense than regular pasta.

Drain, rinse in cold water to clean off all the pasta starch. Drain well. I poured into a disposable loaf pan tin I had from a party, any dish or bowl would do.

I then covered the pasta in tempera paint. If you have a kiddo who sticks stuff in their mouth, you could use olive oil and food coloring. Or just watch them extra carefully if you do use the paint.

LOW VISION/CVI NOTE: To make this activity low vision friendly, you can use colors in the low vision sight wheel such as contrasting colors (red/yellow, black/white) – all of these colors are easier to see for kids with CVI and low vision. If you pick one color you should choose from those since they are the most easily seen, however if you know there is a certain color your child reacts well to, most certainly go with that one to get the most out of the activity.

This was Superman’s favorite – the Oobleck not so much.

Of course you can’t tell by his face that he liked it at all!


We attemped some artwork.


Spreading noodles around!


Admiring the handprints Mom thinks look a bit like a horror movie poster. I think we need to work on handprints a bit more!


Superman and Ms P taking a photo break during play!

Honestly, I think his favorite part was really the clean up almost certain he was glad to be done touching the gooey stuff!


Suggestion: If you are doing this with neuro-typical children, older children or those who interact more you could separate the pasta into smaller bowls and make different colors. Have the kids toss on a white piece of paper and see what interesting designs it makes! Easy art right there! 

I hope you all enjoyed our first LONG walk down Sensory Lane and will try it for yourselves! It was a lot of fun for him (maybe), Diva, Ms P, and Mom!


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