An Amazing Gift of Warmth

I recently became acquainted with these wonderful ladies through the WordPress site when I happened upon their blog about their knitted hats.

Knitting Rays of Hope.

Now how does that not sound inspiring, plus I have a secret fascination with people that can knit because I can’t fathom the concept that makes yarn into beautiful items. Its beyond my scope of talent. I am personally lucky to be able to operate a sewing machine. That is where my creativity ends in the apparel arena.

Back to the point. I found these amazing knit hats they had done with awareness ribbons, and I asked if they were able to make green ones and purple ones. No, not boy and girl :). Green is the color for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Cerebral Palsy awareness and purple is for Epilepsy awareness. Both conditions that Superman has. Now side note on Superman: his head is super small. Like newborn small. In addition to his brain injury, when he started having seizures his head stopped growing. We are hoping now that they are under control his head will slowly begin to grow again, but either way he is left with a condition called “microcephaly”. Which in essence means small head. You might say, wow I have never noticed! – That is due to the massive amount of hair he has that is genetically fluffy. It’s highly unlikely he will EVER get a buzz cut.

So all that explained, its is VERY difficult to find hats to fit him, which is imperative since he has temperature control issues and needs to be kept warm constantly.

Knitting Rays of Hope was happy to oblige my obsession with hats that fit him and once they arrived they were more than perfectly designed – most importantly – they FIT! Just to let you know how big of a deal this is – Newborn sized hats in stores are too big. The last hat I purchased for my son at 8 months was from Build A Bear. It was a bear hat. Cute, but a bear hat.

Bear hats no more!

Now not only does Superman have TWO amazing awareness hats that are as cute as can be, they also made Diva matching hats with ribbons so she can support her brother! And much to my surprise they made the purple epilepsy hat ALL purple (two shades) and that couldn’t have been any more perfect for Diva who thinks we should paint the world purple!

You can find more information about Knitting Rays of Hope by visiting their website and you can also find them on Facebook. Feel free to drop them a line – they are really sweet ladies. And they are always accepting donations of yarn to help them send many more hats to various places such as Children’s Cancer units, NICUs, and other children in need of a smile! 

Now without further ado – the revealing of the hats!

First up the Green CP hats! I took separate pics of Superman so you could see his hat since Diva was too busy loving on him! Second up is the Purple Epilepsy ones and WOW his hat was a surprise of the best kind! Our therapists all day remarked at how adorable it was! He did three therapies in a row in it! 






And then I wanted to throw this one in there too because SERIOUSLY HOW CUTE! 





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