Cortical Vision Impairment: Free Reading Material for the Blind

I had heard about this amazing program where you could get free reading material in braille for vision impaired people. I thought, surely this can’t be right.. there is a catch right? Of course.

Either way, I decided to check it out and try it. I contacted the Braille Institute and inquired about their Special Collection for the blind. I asked if they needed me to send any reports from the doctor or any verification of legally blind diagnosis. They said no which made it much easier, even though I was at the ready to fax it over.

A few weeks later, I received a catalog and an order form to submit my choices. Now, the thing here is you get to pick which books you would like to have, but if they no longer have it you might get something else. Either way, I was still waiting for the catch. I figured this is where I would find it. Maybe pick one book free after you purchase 5 or something like that. I read over the whole catalog, showed it to Dad, he read over it and we didn’t find any catches! So I read each of the types of books. The catalog is broken into groups of books and by age group. You can pick one baby book and one older book. If you have older kids you can pick two of the older books.

There are two types of Braille in the books. Books that are completely written in Braille (they do include a printed sheet so you can read the book in print) and books that have an overlay on them with the braille. Because Superman is so young, I prefer the overlays.

So I filled out the order form, sealed it up and off it went. We sent it in WELL before the deadline which is when I assume the books are released since they do it seasonally. So we waited. And honestly I forgot about it. Then one day last week, I checked the mail and filling my mailbox was this HUGE envelope!

20130708_193405_wm 20130708_193420_wm


Excitement ensued – it was like Christmas! I love getting amazing things in the mail that can help Superman. Now not knowing what I was going to get in there, I opened it as soon as I got inside my car. The two books I had wanted were sent!

20130708_193512_wmMy favorite by far is the Dots for Tots books (red one pictured Butterfly Kisses). I am totally in love with the sensory aspect of this book! And the cute little finger puppet didn’t hurt either! The second book The Kissing Hand is a little too big for Superman but he will grow into it eventually! It is fully in braille with the inserted story.

If you are interested in receiving Braille books for your visually impaired child you can contact the Braille Institute and inquire about the Special Collection.


Please include the full name of the child and/or student, the child’s age, home address, telephone number and e-mail address if one is available. Please note that orders must be sent to us via U.S. mail using the attached order form in the catalog.

For more information: Call 1-800-BRAILLE and ask for Braille Publishing, or call directly to 323-906-3104, Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST), or email us

Now Available!  Download the Special Collection Catalog, Summer 2013

For more information, call 1-800-BRAILLE (272-4553) Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (PST), and ask for Braille Publishing.

For more information you can visit their website ( find out about other programs they provide as well as volunteer opportunities.




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