My Scentsy Endeavor

So after 18 months, I have decided that I needed to not only do something for my family – but also for me. I once dreamed of raising my kids until school age while I leisurely finished my degree. But now the realities have changed, and the degree still remains unfinished, while my time is now spent in waiting rooms and on hold during phone calls.

The reality has also set in – my son may never attend school.

So, to fund my habit for therapy and therapy items (because all the therapists agree that I have the coolest stash) – I have decided to become a Scentsy Independent Consultant. So far only a week in and I have found a new sense of purpose that does not involve prescriptions, orders, endless appointments and the freedom to browse Amazon looking for the latest coolest ideas to fill our little room (on the cheap of course because I am still coupon savvy!) and other therapeutic ideas to increase Superman’s quality of life.

But also, Diva. Before Superman, Diva was a dancer, a soccer player and an all around social butterfly. Since he was born she had to give all of that up because of germs, finances and time. I can’t stop the germs (obviously, since week 1 of school and they are BOTH sick) and now that he’s older and we have more of a handle on things the time is easing up. But by taking on this endeavor, now I can control the finances part to be able to allow her to have something for herself as well. We as a family give so much for each other, now I am focusing on making sure everyone has something for themselves as well so we don’t all burn out.

If you would like to purchase, browse or ask any questions – please check out my Scentsy website:

Or you can find me at and that is where I post the specials, featured items and other fun stuff!

Diva and Superman thank you!


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