Frustration in Food Land

I have cried a lot of tears lately. About food. Yes, seriously. Food.

I thought once we got the g-tube we would go back to eating once he felt better. But it didn’t happen. I was hoping we would ‘have the tube and not need it’ instead of more needing the tube than not.

Worrying more about weight gain, trying to stop the freight train from not only rushing down the tracks but pretty much derailing altogether. The more weight he gains the harder it is for him to breathe. Not to mention how important breathing is just by itself… if you can’t breathe you can’t eat either. So we come back to the eating thing.

Also there is a balance in nutrition. Being tube fed – typically they give you pediasure. Trying to get him to eat has been such a fight, and I am still learning how to do blended diets with very little direction. Waiting for an appt with a GI doctor.

So many tears. So much frustration feeling like I am beating my head against a wall and still not knowing what to do.


Then tonight, HE ATE! 4 oz of Turkey and Veg baby food, and drank 4oz of milk!

Then of course I cried a bit more because that’s what moms do 🙂


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