Monday, Monday

Well Monday was rather productive I guess. Not in the way I anticipated. Dropped Diva off at school and headed to an appointment for Superman that I had extremely high hopes for. I am guessing the first event of the morning should have been a clue.

I was headed to the Medical Center and in the middle of a very busy rush hour intersection was a kitten. Gorgeous little thing and terrified sitting in the middle of traffic. Had I not had Superman in the car with me I would have jumped out and tried to save the little thing, but instead I was one car back at the light and watched to my horror at the kitten jumping into the undercarriage of the van that stopped to try to save it. For five minutes (an eternity in rush hour traffic at a light) I sat there powerless to help because leaving the car put Superman at higher risk (people in San Antonio cannot drive and rush hour makes people crazy). So needless to say the kitten didn’t survive the ordeal – and I missed my window to get free coffee at Valero.

Showed up at the appointment. We have been fighting an uphill battle with a pressure ulcer on his foot since February that he got sleeping one night. The drama of low calorie diets and non mobility is staggering. So an appointment at a would care center where they practice HBOT or Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment would help us on so many fronts. HBOT helps heal skin but also helps in brain development. Its been shown to make progress in many people with brain injuries. Best part? Insurance will cover it for wound care. Score two for Team Superman!

Throw a flag on that play (yes I realize there were too many conflicting sports references.. its 3am.. I digress). We get evaluated and I am almost certain the doctor thought I was nuts. However the clinic only treats open wounds and his is still a stage 1 closed wound so no dice. Which I guess is fine because if it were to open up we would be so beyond screwed – his ability to heal his skin is pretty much non-existent at this point. But we got prescriptions galore. The funniest part was however that he told us to wrap it in gauze and cover it with zinc oxide – which is the first treatment we tried courtesy of an amazing nurse who went out of her way to find out what we should to until the doctor could call us back. Then the pediatrician prescribed a Rx ointment Regranex – eh.. not impressed. So what did the wound care doctor say? Zinc and a bunny boot (yes, I will absolutely be making him a bunny tail once I can track down this boot!). The rub on this is that the bunny boots are almost impossible to find in pediatric sizes. Probably impossible to find in toddler sizes, but alas my work is cut out for me!

Anyway we got a referral to a pediatric rehab clinic downstairs that works intensively with quadriplegic and paraplegic patients so they will definitely have the resources we need – and their first available appointment is October 2014. Yeah, that’s what I said!

Got home late and threw his meds all off by an hour – because that’s how that goes most days. But either way he seemed pretty happy most of the day.

Got a list from SPIO (through my awesome OT) of vendors across Texas that bill insurance for SPIO suits. I think SPIO wants their demo suit back so I need to work faster to get it approved or find funding.

Spent the rest of the day not feeling well – feel free to post any natural ways to lower blood pressure in the comments below – but was all better when Diva brought me a box of Little Debbie Brownies! That girl knows how to make me smile!

Dad made dinner for us and Diva shared her purple pillow with Superman (more on that later) and he cracked the BIGGEST smile when Dad wrapped his little arms around it! He totally adores that sister of his. She really is the one that makes him smile.

So glad Monday is over! Bring on Tuesday and let the good times roll!



One thought on “Monday, Monday

  1. Jill says:

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