Flashback: First Annual March for Babies

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Diva – her brother’s biggest cheerleader – she was so excited about her shirt that she helped “draw” on Cafepress.



Family picture for our first March for Babies. Superman was still in NICU. This walk actually took place in April so he was only 2 months old actual – or not yet supposed to be born yet!



This is our friend that Dad worked with overseas in the Navy – we were actually introduced to March of Dimes by her when she lost her daughter, and Diva and Dad were going to walk with her – I couldn’t because of my very difficult pregnancy – but instead we ended up being able to walk for her daughter AND our son. You can read about it here.



Diva – she is going to be Superman’s ambassador one day – like her Mom, she has zero shame about walking up to someone and telling them about her brother – and how awesome he is! Little does she know I am about to put her to work on some fundraising!


Anyway I hope you enjoyed our look back at last year and stay tuned for our post later this weekend about our second annual March for Babies – Superman’s Debut! (as long as the rain holds out!)