Our Friends

There are so many of us out here searching for a light in the darkness. Whether its prayers or companions or even just the search for someone who understands. We will be creating a list of Superman’s friends online that you can go “like” their Facebook pages, follow their blogs, and join in their happiness and journeys as well!


Love For Laiken

Pray for Andrew

Andrew’s Angels – Miracles in Motion

Bringing Home The Browns

Kazuya’s Journey

Thoughts, Prayers and Love in Honor of Joz

Hope for Langston Rose


All Friends added are vetted and I have had contact with the parents online (usually Facebook) – and have checked out their stories. I DO NOT like people who create fake lives and illnesses to gain support or use your sympathy to get money. I would like to create a special internet prison for them. Until then – if you suspect a fake online person or know – you can contact Warrior Eli Hoax – they do a great job with online hoaxes!


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